How to Surf

How to Surf
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How to Surf
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ANSWER: THE WHITEWATER AWAY FROM OTHER SURFERS: Head off down the beach away from any surfers. What you need when you start is whitewater, the wave after it has already crested and broken, and is rolling in long even white lines toward the beach, as in the photo below.
WHY THE WHITEWATER: Everyone starts in the whitewater. That's where you practice standing up and keeping your balance. Once this gets easy for you in the whitewater, then you can go "outside" to the unbroken waves on the smaller days, like the wave in the background of the above photo.
WHY AWAY FROM OTHER SURFERS: It's a safety issue. You're going to find that moving the board around the way you want is tough at first, and until you can paddle and move the board around quickly to where you want to go, it's best to stay out of crowds of surfers. A good part of surfing is just being strong and agile and being able to move the board around in the water quickly and with some degree of control.
Even the tiny little guy In the lower right of the photo started surfing in the whitewater.
THE GOOD NEWS: The whitewater down the beach from the crowds of surfers is always uncrowded, and it's just as much fun as more advanced forms of surfing, and especially fun if you've never surfed before.
This kid is riding a ten foot softboard in the whitewater away from other surfers. (The guy in the background is a surf instructor who is pushing the kid into the wave.)
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